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Professional Heritage Painters Sydney

As heritage painters Sydney, Lancaster Painters Australia provide a professional heritage painting and decorating service for homes and businesses in Sydney. We have years of experience in high quality traditional and modern heritage residential and commercial painting and decorating work. We are heritage listed in New South Wales and members of the National Trust of Australia. Our range of interior and exterior heritage colour schemes and designs include heritage decorative finishes for every period. Along with many private residences, our profile includes Parliament House, Rivendell Great Hall, Highroyd House in Annadale and more. Featured above: Gary Lancaster of Lancaster Painters Australia thoroughly prepared the new fire doors of the Jubilee Room in Parliament House ready for painting. He then hand painted a Cedar wood grain finish to match the original Cedar fire doors that needed to be replaced. To watch our heritage restoration interview with The Advertiser, including work performed for St John’s Cathedral and Rivendell Great Hall, click here.

Heritage Conservation & Restoration

Heritage Painters Sydney Conservation & Restoration

Above: Heritage conservation repair, painting, decorating and artistic conservation-restoration work in Rivendell Great Hall of the Thomas Walker Estate. As heritage painters Sydney, we are passionate about the conservation, restoration, reconstruction and beautification of Sydney heritage buildings including houses and Churches. Using the latest National WHS (Work Health & Safety) policies, we implement strategies to ensure the safety and welfare all people involved including tradespeople, the customer, their workers and the property. Being committed to environmental care and public health, we provide a safe lead testing and removal service for all heritage buildings.

Conservation-restoration, also referred to as conservation, is a profession devoted to the preservation of cultural heritage for the future. Conservation activities include examination, documentation, treatment and preventative care.

The aim of Heritage Conservation is to ensure that the cultural significance of heritage places is retained for future generations to enjoy, but how do we achieve this? In 1979, Australia adopted a charter outlining the general principles and philosophy behind heritage conservation – The Burra Charter. This now forms the backbone of the management of historic places across Australia and indeed many other countries.

Sydney heritage painters Lancaster Painters Australia conform to the Burra Charter. The Burra Charter identifies the following three levels of repair for heritage structures:

  • Preservation – Maintaining a structure in its existing state and preventing further deterioration.

  • Restoration – Returning a structure to a known earlier state by the repair of existing fabric without the introduction of new materials.

  • Reconstruction – Returning a structure to a known earlier state by the introduction of new material into any remaining fabric.

Traditional Heritage Painting

Sacred Heart Church Banner Reconstruction

Following the Burra Charter, heritage painters Sydney “Lancaster Painters Australia” provide historical and traditional heritage painting methods that are reproduced using the same paint methods and materials employed after which painting methods began to dominate the industry. Our work is based on exhaustive and continuous research into methods, materials, techniques, styles. Each job is individually hand painted by skilled artisans without compromises in quality, historical accuracy or consistency. Working from original paint scrapings, using techniques such as spectroscopy, micro analysis or mechanical methods, and by understanding documentary evidence, we have reproduced paint finishes, artwork and designs and accurately reproduced the style, character and look of the original period look. For more information, see traditional heritage finishes.

Heritage Art Conservation

Heritage Art Conservation Restoration Sydney

Lancaster Painters Australia are committed to the conservation-restoration of heritage art for future generations to enjoy. As Sydney heritage painters, we have the skills and expertise to sensitively clean art and to recreate artwork or decorative design even if the original is in poor condition, using techniques such as spectroscopy and micro analysis or mechanical methods.


Highroyd House, Annadale

Highroyd House Annadale - Wood Graining of Front Door

“Just wanted to let you know, we’re very happy with the work you’ve done on our door. It looks way better.” Customer – Highroyd House.

Heritage Listed Property, Rockdale

“We are undertaking a staged maintenance program on our heritage listed property in Rockdale, Sydney. This includes extensive lead paint removal and remediation, followed by painting to a heritage colour scheme. We contracted Lancaster Painters Australia Pty Ltd for this work in early 2012, primarily because of their technical knowledge and previous experience. We also appreciated their flexibility with a program that had to react to unforeseen delays and discoveries, and their ability to work around this and accommodate us. The first stage work was recently completed whilst we remained resident on site, with minimal disruption to our family and without any delays. We found Gary to be courteous and helpful throughout, and generous with his time, samples and advice. The work completed so far has been of the highest standard and we are very happy with the outcome. We will continue to use Lancaster Painters Australia Pty Ltd for the remainder of our project and recommend them unreservedly.” Allan Martin.

Heritage Portfolio

Heritage Portfolio

Heritage Finishes

Heritage Finishes

Heritage Skills Film

Restoring Our Heritage Film