Professional Painters & Decorators Sydney

Professional painters & decorators Sydney specialise in unique paint finishes, designs and techniques. With more than 40 years of experience, we offer a highly specialised painting and decorating service for all interior and exterior commercial, house and heritage painting work. Our portfolio includes Churches, luxury hotels, shops, mansions, penthouses, embassies and government buildings. With full qualifications, licensing and insurance, we are able to achieve an exceptional standard of workmanship for your home or business. Therefore we thoroughly prepare surfaces and apply top quality finishes using highly skilled painting and decorating techniques. Furthermore, we have been recognised for our professional workmanship, innovative finishes and customer service. Our projects include Parliament House Sydney, Rivendell Great Hall, The Lowy Institute for International Policy and Highroyd House.

Being environmentally friendly, Lancaster Painters Australia care about people and the environment. Therefore we are committed to using the latest National WHS (Work Health & Safety) policies, and take extensive measures to ensure the safety and welfare not only of all people involved including all workers and customers, but also of the property, land, vegetation and the neighbouring community.

Superior Quality Workmanship

As top quality painters & decorators Sydney, we are committed to achieving workmanship of the highest standard in order to deliver superior quality paint finishes. Therefore we ensure surfaces are thoroughly prepared before applying the coating systems, using professional surface preparation techniques. Furthermore, we use only the correct type of high quality materials. We value preparation as being the most important aspect of any job, ensuring the quality of the final finish. In addition, it will ensure the longevity of the paintwork before it will need painting again, and increase the value of the property. We pride ourselves in the quality of our work!

Lancaster Painters Australia work to no less than the Australian Industry Standards using professional painting techniques. Consequently, we highly recommend a minimum of a three coat paint system using only the correct type of super premium quality paint and materials. Being passionate about our work, our customers and the community, we ensure a high standard of work and safety is achieved for every job.

Commercial & House Painters Sydney

We have over 40 years of experience.

Follow Australian Industry Standards.

All our painters are fully qualified.

Implement Work Health & Safety.

Top quality workmanship every time.

Super premium paint & materials.

Free quotes with no hidden costs!

We provide customer references.

Our painters are honest and reliable.

We are fully licensed and insured.

We give great customer service!

Have National Police Clearance.

Interior Decorating – Designer Finishes

Luxury Designer Finishes by Painters & Decorators Sydney

As creative specialist painters, decorators and artists, we are able to replicate almost any finish you can imagine! Therefore we keep up-to-date with the latest trends, designs and techniques. We aim to produce the ultimate finish that is uniquely designed to your lifestyle. Add a touch of sophistication to your home or business with our extensive range of exquisite designer finishes. They include wallpaper, contemporary and modern finishes, traditional heritage finishes, decorative finishes, specialty finishes, furniture finishes, beautiful Italian & French finishes, art, frescoes and so much more. See our beautiful designer finishes.

Gary and Geoffrey offered creative suggestions and painted samples of their suggestions on our wall and ceilings so that we could clearly visualize their suggestions. The result is that our home is beautifully decorated maintaining our desire for a light and open ambience but at the same time reflecting the heritage of our home… Both Gary and Geoff displayed an enthusiasm and commitment to achieving an excellent quality of work. Their knowledge and skill and understanding of the many different painting methods and finishes has opened our eyes to what can be achieved by skilled artisans.” Hon. C. J. Sumner & Suzanne Roux. Read more.

Lancaster Painters Australia offer consultation for all aspects of painting and decorating, such as colour, design, art and decor. In addition, we provide samples of colour, texture, art and designs prior to commitment of work. Being passionate about achieving our best for our customers, we work closely with them in order to achieve their desired outcome.

We Care About Our Customers

As experienced painters & decorators Sydney, we treat our customers and their property with respect. Because our top priority is customer service, we communicate with our customers on a regular basis. Also, we provide a detailed written quotation for all painting and decorating work including designer finishes. We understand the importance of working with our residential customers to turn their house into their home. We understand how important it is for our commercial customers to have the right finishes and designs to maximise the impact on clientele. And most of all, we aim for total customer satisfaction!